Erosion Control

Application of fiber mulches over seeded area with biodegradable products to stabilize sloped areas, while growth is established.  This process has been effective on drainage pop-off areas to Gypsum Stacks.  We realize that our response for this process has to be immediately following earthwork, and coordinated with earth workers.  In 1999, we successfully grassed (with fiber mulch) the US Agri Chemical Gypsum Stack in Bartow, FL.  To this day, it remains stable with little to no erosion.


Our Services


Our grassing speaks for itself!  Grassing Supervisor, Sergio Lopez, has eight years experience here at Tight Line Services.  We only use quality certified seeds and the best fertilizer available (less filler) with excellent results. 



We offer barbed wire fence and silt fence installation and removal.  Jobs are quoted by the linear foot based on your specifications.


We offer mowing or discing with a 15' batwing mower, 8' Bush hog, regular disc cutting about 6-8" deep.  This is ideal for grassing and heavy disc cutting, approximately 15" deep to "cut in" organic matter.


We have 15 years experience in harvesting from Donor Sites, or purchasing plants, and planting them in wetland restoration projects.  A labor intensive job with a knowledgeable crew that can identify plants to be harvested and planted.  They have the understanding of where these plants naturally occur in ponds or wetland fringes.



We have licensed herbicide applicators, with a specialty in Aquatic Applications.  Our applicators attend Continued Education classes each year to stay up to date on the latest techniques and to be aware of any new invasive (non-native) plants.  We have crews available for small jobs, as well as equipment for larger jobs.

Hydro Axe

We have had excellent results with the introduction of the Hydro Axe.  This machine cuts/mulches undesirables such as wax myrtles/willows, shrubs, and bushes leaving the desirable trees room for growth.  Our operators are extremely experienced and talented in this field -- the machine is only as good as the operator.

During a clearing:

After clearing, with desirables left intact:

Tree Planting

We are available for upland/wetland tree planting with a large source of variety and quantity of many sizes.


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